Water is the Memory of the World

FRI 12.4.2024 at 12.00 | Museum Milavida
Water and nature create a shared, timeless space for the conversation between poetry and music.

Hietsu is Happening

THU 11.4.2024 at 21.30 | TTT-Klubi
Artists from various fields experiment together through creative improvisation.

Other Realities

WED 10.4.2024 at 21.30 | G Livelab Tampere
Accordion artist Niko Kumpuvaara, saxophonist Joonatan Rautiola and comic book author Ville Ranta paint surrealist utopias.

Impressions of the Moment

THU 11.4.2024 at 12.00 | Museum Milavida
Eva Alkula and Reetta Näätänen create impressions between different lands and worlds in a lunch-time concert.

Inner Voices

THU 11.4.2024 at 19.00 | Tampere Hall
Marko Ylönen leads an exceptional lineup of Finland’s premier musicians devoting themselves to the classics of contemporary music.

From Wasteland to Wonderland

FRI 12.4.2024 at 19.00 | Tampere Hall
Olari Elts conducts Tampere Philharmonic in a charming concert offering a full range of the newest releases.
Minna Leinonen lähikuvassa. Hänen katse on ylöspäin ja hiukset hulmuaa.

Worlds in Metamorphosis

“Our world is impacted by sudden global shifts and a growing social uncertainty. Information, and the lack of it, are to be found more than ever before; at the same time, a busy and consumption-based lifestyle does not encourage pausing to be still, even when it would be necessary. Experiencing art is surrendering to a moment which feels timeless; it is lasting imagination otherwise. With the help of art, one can experience change more deeply and escape for a moment into alternate worlds.”

Read the foreword by Minna Leinonen, Artistic Director of the Tampere Biennale 2024.

Minna Leinonen kyykyssä tunnelissa punainen mekko päällään.

Tampere Biennale

Worlds in Metamorphosis


The next edition of the festival will be held on 15–19 April 2026, with composer Minna Leinonen staying on as Artistic Director. The programme will be published in February 2026.


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Programme 2024

Featured artists – see whole programme here.



SAT 13.4.2024 at 17.00 | Alexander Church

Esbjerg Ensemble, 2018
© Maarit Kytöharju
Naisen muotokuva, 2014
© Maarit Kytöharju


Tampere Biennale introduces the most important phenomena in Finnish contemporary music: today’s leading composers and the latest compositions. Organised biennially since 1986, the festival was born out of the need to showcase music from living Finnish composers and encourage the audience to get acquainted with new music. Over the years, Tampere Biennale has developed into one of the most prestigious contemporary music events in Finland.